Available May 2022
the Remora App

Allowing air carriers & customers to easily coordinate cargo shipments throughout Alaska.

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Get to know the Alaskan’s behind the idea

A couple of Alaskans trying to simplify life with a simple idea. Remora is designed to streamline the process of moving cargo around the state of Alaska.
Rebecca Clark
Rebecca Clark made her way up to Alaska after graduating from college in 2018 and received her first job in Aviation. Through her experience in Bush Aviation, working as the office manager of Copper Valley Air Service in Glennallen, AK, she has developed a special understanding of Alaska logistics and coordination. Developing her aviation knowledge to a global perspective, Rebecca went on to work for MonoCoque Diversified Interests, LLC in Austin, TX, supporting the CEO in aircraft acquisitions worldwide. Rebecca Clark started Arctic On-Demand, an Alaska-based third-party logistics company and began to notice the need for a simplified logistics platform. Through her deep understanding of the Alaska market and complicated logistics, Rebecca see’s Remora App as being a ground-breaking tool for Alaskan communities.
Jody Oyen has lived and flown in Alaska for two decades. After college, Jody moved to Western Alaska and obtained her pilot’s license while working as a Wildlife Biologist. While living, working, and flying in rural Alaska, she gained a deep understanding and appreciation for cargo shipments into rural areas. Jody obtained her commercial pilot’s license, and started flying cargo and passengers for Copper Valley Air Service. Through her experiences working for, and with, Alaskan air carriers, and owning and operating a business, Jody realized the need for a modern tool that can be utilized by every Alaskan, both professionally and personally. Jody is excited to bring Remora to market so that all Alaskans have a simple, modern method to coordinate passenger and cargo transportation.

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